Stub "Offer your soul..."
A rookie assassin. Skilled, but gets bored and lacks stamina. Dislikes stalking and ambushes, and has been known [to] go home in the middle of missions, so [he is] not trusted.
Japanese Name アロン
Romaji Aron
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Class Assassin
Group Black Knights
Status Dead
Appearances Trapt

  Aaron (アロン Aron?) is a male enemy in "Trapt".


Chapter 14: Acceptance (享受 Kyōju?)
Map: Sealed Room
Wave 2
Intruder number 3


Stat Level
Strength 92
Defense 7
Agility 95
Attack 1 30
Attack 2 10
Attack 3 0
Special abilities
defense against Pincer Devices
defense against Floor Attacks
immune to Earthquake Attacks


Intro: "I haven't killed in a while! This should be fun!"
Death: "My, my skills have gutten dull..."

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