Stub "Offer your soul..."
Japanese Name アドルファス
Romaji Adorufasu
Class Knight
Group Old Castle Guards
Status Deceased
Appearances Trapt


Heir of a merchant family, but has no business sense. Good with weapons, though, so [he] joined the military. Promoted to captain, but hates giving orders.

Adolphus (アドルファス Adorufasu?) is a male enemy in Trapt.


Chapter 9: The Road to Destruction (崩壊への道 Hōkai e no Michi?)
Map: Old Castle
Wave 2
Intruder number 1


Stat Level
Strength 120
Defense 9
Agility 81
Attack 1 27
Attack 2 39
Attack 3 58
Special abilities
defense against Pincer Devices
defense against Projectiles


Intro: "Looks like you misjudged me."
Death: "I don't have... any regrets..."

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