Stub "Offer your soul..."
Alma Mueller
Alma mueller
Title The Demon-Hammer
Japanese Name アルマ・ミュラー
Romaji Aruma Myurā
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Violet
Occupation Hammer-wielder of the Imperial Guards
Affiliation The Imperial Knights
Status Deceased
Appearances Deception IV: Blood Ties
Dead or Alive 5: Last Round (cameo)
Voice Actor Ayaka Maeda

Alma Mueller (アルマ・ミュラー Aruma Myurā?) is a female enemy in Deception IV: Blood Ties. A descendant of the Saints and has a piece of the Holy Verses.


Alma is Telma's sister, and a master hammer-wielder in the Imperial Guards. Despite being descendants of the Saints, Alma and Telma grew up in extreme poverty, and endured a difficult start to life. As a result, they are obsessed with their social status, and will blindly carry out any order if they believe it will enhance their standing.
Blood Ties description
Chapter 8: A Profound Pair
Map: Lapria Park
Wave 3
Intruder number 4

Nightmare PrincessEdit

One of the descendants of the Twelve Saints who sealed the Devil away. When she was young, she and her twin sister Telma lost their home and family in the war before Freise took them in, and the two have served the Grayden family ever since. She loves Freise as a retainer loves her master, and she and Telma have sworn to stake their lives on defending her.
Nightmare Princess description
Q074: Cassandra Empire 3
Map: Balmagyr
Wave 1
Intruder number 1


Stat Level
Health 370
Defense 20
Vigilance 1
Attack 1 50
Attack 2 50
Attack 3 90
Attack 4 0
Special abilities
Earthquake attacks

Weakness: Covers Head, Boulder


Intro: "A holy voice drives us forward! Come, Telma, let us advance!"
Death: "Telma... I can go... no further..."

Nightmare PrincessEdit

Intro: "Lady Freise told me all about you, Devil's Daughter! Prepare yourself! Let's go, Telma!"
Death: "You defeated...the Demon Hammer... Telma... I'm...sorry."


Deception IV: Blood Ties



Alma commonly originates from English, Spanish, and Italian roots, and it was probably inspired by Latin word almus, or "nourishing". It also coincides with the Spanish word meaning "the soul".
This name became popular after the Battle of Alma (1854), which took place near the River Alma in Crimea and ended in a victory for Britain and France.
Mueller is thought to have originated in Bavaria, Germany, serving as the occupational name for a miller, which was derived from the Old Germanic "Mulinari".


  • When Alma is defeated, Telma can be heard screaming in rage and anguish over her sister's death.
  • In Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round, Hitomi has a downloadable costume for Alma's outfit.
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