Ardebaran Close Up
Japanese Name アルデバラン
Romaji Arudebaran
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Builder
Status Dead
Appearances Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness
Monster Rancher

Ardebaran (アルデバラン Arudebaran?) is the first enemy from Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness. He was the master of the Castle of the Damned, a masked man with a sword that attacks anyone who enters his domain and is said to abuse his power as a covenant.


In his quest for power, the Prince of Zemekia went to the castle and stumbled upon Ardebaran alongside a soldier. The soldier was killed by Ardebaran, but the prince was rescued by Idorigo. Later, the prince avoided a trap set by Ardebaran and caught him with a Volt Cage set up by Astarte. After killing Ardebaran, the prince became the new Castle Master and obtained his dark powers.


Chapter 1: The Master
First Encounter
EGM, May 1997 (-64)

Electronic Gaming Monthly, Issue #64

Name Ardebaran
Class Builder
HP 50
Soul 1500 MP
Death 800 Gold
Item drop Contract


Monster RancherEdit

"One time master of the Castle of the Damned. Now reformed."

If the Tecmo's Deception disc is used in Monster Rancher, the player will obtain the monster Ardebaran. His attacks include Punch, Steady Kick, Flip Kick, Diversion, Combination, Tantrum, Telekinesis, and Machine Gun.

Ardebaran's name is also mispelled in Monster Rancher with the spelling being "Ardebaren" instead.

Kagero: Deception IIEdit

"Wearers of this cursed mask become lifeless and confused."

One of the game's traps is named Ardebaran. It is Ardebaran's mask, the strongest Vase trap. It is obtained in the game's ending by letting at least one person escape in Chapter 17 and let Keith live in Chapter 24.

Deception IV: The Nightmare PrincessEdit

Deception IV The Nightmare Princess 20150728211215
mask returns in Deception IV as a Ceiling trap.


A mistranslation of Aldebaran, the brightest star in the constellation Taurus.


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