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To perform an armor break, hit an enemy with their weakness, and again with a trap that launches them into the air, all in the same combo.

An Armor Break is a function introduced in Deception IV: Blood Ties. It significantly weakens an intruder, exposing them to damage previously avoided.

Intruder List: Trap Type WeaknessEdit

Chapter 1: A Prologue to Judgement
Marina: Boulder
Chapter 2: A Proclamation of Justice
Pierre: Wall
Chapter 3: A Leap into Darkness
Luisa: Floor
Julie: Covers Head
Irena: Floor
Harold: Floor
Chapter 4: Holy Assassin
Emily: Ceiling
Magdalene: Wall
Barton: Clamping
Brian: Wall
Leonard: Floor
Will: Ceiling
Paris: Wall, Covers Head
Lyla Gun Feyconia: Floor, Electric
Chapter 5: Creeping Shadows
Lynn: Electric
Jane: Boulder
Lucy: Floor, Electric
Chapter 6: An Unfortunate Encounter
Rosalie: Wall
Christoph: Electric
Marianne: Boulder
Blitz: Floor
Electra: Clamping
Tommy: Electric
Mary: Floor, Wall
Celia Mevious: Floor,Ceiling
Chapter 7: A Pleasure and Passion
Neville: Ceiling, Fire
Gil: Ceiling, Clamping
Elsie: Floor
Evelyn: Wall, Ceiling, Boulder
Cheryl: Floor, Boulder
Richard: Clamping, Ice
Tabitha: Wall, Ceiling
Malcolm: Floor, Boulder
Chapter 8: A Profound Pair
Hobart: Ceiling, Fire
Kenny: Wall, Electric
Rhonda: Floor, Ceiling
Trish: Covers Head
Harry: Floor, Wall
Stella: Wall, Clamping
Helen: Floor, Wall
Alma Mueller: Covers Head, Boulder
Telma Mueller: Ceiling, Covers Head
Chapter 9 a: A Warrior's Spirit
Rennart: Ceiling, Boulder
Anya: Floor, Wall
Meier: Ceiling, Clamping
Renard: Wall, Ceiling, Boulder
Hermann: Wall, Covers Head
Marjorie: Boulder, Electric
Nina: Floor, Ceiling
Chapter 10 a In the Name of Justice
Nick: Floor, Ceiling
Nate: Floor, Wall
Mariel: Wall, Covers Head
Missy: Floor, Ceiling
Morgan: Ceiling, Covers Head
Lacey: Floor, Electric
Anne: Floor, Wall
Zeno Shin 1st: Floor, Wall
Zeno Shin 2nd: Floor, Wall, Ceiling
Chapter 11 a: A Legend Reborn
Pedro: Wall, Boulder
Ingrid: Boulder, Electric
Agnes: Floor, Wall
Constance: Floor, Clamping
Franz: Wall, Clamping
Martino: Floor, Ceiling
Fernando: Boulder, Electric
Ignacio: Floor, Wall, Ceiling
Victor Logos: Wall, Ceiling
Chapter 12: Demise and Recreation
Rodrigo: Wall, Boulder
Yulia: Covers Head, Fire
Clement: Ceiling, Covers Head
Foubert: Floor, Wall
Lucas: Floor, Boulder
Cornelia: Wall, Clamping
Marcela: Floor, Clamping, Ice
Freise Grayden 1st: Ceiling, Clamping
Freise Grayden 2nd: Wall, Projectile, Boulder
Chapter 9 b: In the Name of Justice
Same as 10 "a"
Chapter 10 b: A Legend Reborn
same as 11 "a"
Chapter 11 b: An Inevitable Reunion
same as 9 "a" but with a different boss
Celia Mevious: Wall, Ceiling, Electric



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