Strong, and solves everything by fighting. Hates thinking. Judges others by their strength, and doesn't consider women worth fighting.
Stub "Offer your soul..."

Bernhardt (バーンハード?) is a male enemy in "Trapt". Spear Knight Class. Black Knights.


Chapter 8: Pale Inheritance (蒼き遺産?)
Map: Palace
Wave 1
Intruder number 2


Stat Level
Strength 140
Defense 11
Agility 81
Attack 1 39
Attack 2</font 19
Attack 3 0
Special abilities
defense against Pincer Devices
defense against Projectile
immune to Earthquake Attacks


Intro: "Don't get cocky! I'm not gonna go easy on ya just cuz you're a girl!!"
Death: "Don't... pity... for me..."

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