The Body Harvest/Body Collecting is an optional series of side missions in between most of the chapters in Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness where the player can lure in and kill additional invaders to gain additional EXP, MP, Gold and body parts for monsters later on. You can only lure enemies of classes you have previously encountered, and you have to lure a combination of them to potentially have added an extra invader of a different class alongside them. The Alien, Carpenter, Messenger and Witch are the only invader classes that never appear as enemies in the chapters and have to be lured with certain combinations of classes.

Luring extra invadersEdit

You can lure any invader class you have encountered, as well as the following invaders given you lure the appropriate classes

Alien - Digger & MagicDoll

Caprenter - Pirate & Merchant

Cavalier - Soldier & Archer

Cleric - Soldier & Wizard

Digger - Archer & Merchant

Messenger - General & Wizard

Trap Pro - Pirate & Ninja

Witch - Swordman & Gem Guard