The Castle in the Forest (西の森の館, "Small Castle in the Western Forest") is a small castle located in the West Woods. It is the first map from Kagero: Deception II, where Yocal orders Millennia to kill any humans that get inside. The castle contains four rooms and three corridors. Millennia can't set up traps on the corridors.

Traps and itemsEdit

  • Fire Pit - A bonfire located in the entrance hall, the northwest room. Victims thrown inside are Enveloped by its flames.
  • Pillar - A stone pillar that can be pushed with traps, resulting in Crushed enemies. The northwest room has two Pillars.
  • Hook - A hook swinging in the ceiling of the northeast room. Enemies will have a Cracked Skull if hit by it.
  • Powder Box - A big crate with gunpowder. If damaged, it will cause a Large Blast. The northeast room has two of them. Each can be used once per chapter.
  • Pendulum - A pendulum with a large blade in the southeast room. Enemies hit by it will have a Cracked Skull.
  • Lumber Saw - A giant spinning saw in the southeast room that will leave enemies Dismembered.
  • Volt Chair - A chair in the southeast room. Whoever touches it will be Doused with electricity. It may break after being used.
  • Wall Spear - Five spears that periodically pop out from a wall, close enemies being Impaled by them. Two sets of Wall Spears are in the southwest room.
  • Magic Loon - Fully recovers Millennia's health on contact. Can be used once per chapter.


  • Chapter 1: An Innocent Girl - Daar
  • Chapter 2: Castle of Doom (If Daar was killed) - Slash
    • Chapter 2: A Fool's Fortune (If Daar survived) - Slash and Daar
  • Chapter 3: Pursuit of Friends / Friendship Oath - Gastone and Hawk
  • Chapter 4: Tangled Thoughts - McLord, Rain, and Gerald.
  • Chapter 5: Vengeance (If Rain and Gerald were killed) - Saki, Grand'Or, Jackal, Raddlefuss, Julia
    • Chapter 5: Ordeal of the Young (If Rain and Gerald survived) - Hunna, Ash, Statz


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