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The Castle of the Damned is the main setting and location in Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness. It is located deep in the Forest of Confusion, and it is where the Lord of Darkness was imprisoned.

After struck by lightning and presumed dead, the Prince of Zemekia awoke in the forest, hearing a voice beckon him to the Castle of the Damned, in order to receive the devil's power and exact his revenge. After killing Ardebaran and receiving his ring, a covenant representing the inhabitant of the castle, the prince became the new Castle Master.


Major Characters
Prince of ZemekiaAstarteYuriasZamurArdebaranFianaIdorigo
Minor Characters
AlkenyChitaCoolbouEinaudiEriousKing ZemerisLeader of GoodnessLord of DarknessMathildaShellingStaleon
Legendary BravesLegendary Treasures of DarknessMasksMonsterTrap
Castle of the Damned

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