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A Class represents character archetypes or careers in the Deception series.

Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to DarknessEdit

Besides the invaders in the story, the Prince of Zemekia can lure strangers to the Castle of the Damned so he can kill them for MP or Gold, or capture them to use their bodies in the creation of monsters. By luring two specific classes, a new invader of a unique class will likely join them.

ClassDetailsLuring requirements
AlienSpace alien.MagicDoll + Digger
ArcherArcher that attacks with crossbow.None
Bomb ProBomb specialist.Ninja + Trap Pro
BuilderArdebaran's class.Not available
CarpenterCarpenter with a hammer.Cleric + Messenger
Merchant + Pirate
CavalierArmored knight with sword and shield.Archer + Soldier
ClericA clergyman that shoots projectiles.Soldier + Wizard

Man equipped with large claws.||Archer + Merchant

FateMakerBig man with big hammer.None
Gem GuardFemale magic user.None
GeneralArmored knight with cape and axe.None
HunterMan with cape and hat wielding a sword.None
KingYurias' classNot available
MagicDollSmall soulless doll animated by magic.None
MagicianZamur's classNot available
MerchantShort and fat man that sells items.None
Messenger An executioner armed with a sickle. General + Wizard
NinjaNinja with a pair of kunaiNone
PiratePirate with short blade.None
PsychicSmall girl with psychic powers.Gem Guard + Witch
SoldierWarrior equipped with a sword and shield.None
SorcererMagic user.Wizard + Witch or Messenger
SwordsmanSwordsman with sword and shield.None
TrainerAstarte's classNot available
Trap ProTrap specialist.Ninja + Pirate
WitchWitch.Gem Guard + Swordsman
WizardWizard with robe, hat and staff.None
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