D. Seption Park is one of the stages in Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess.

A park full of playground equipment, located next to an apartment complex. The slide and swing set are so old that no one uses them anymore, and the park has become a hangout for unsavory people.

Stage TrapsEdit

Spinning Jungle GymEdit

A jungle gym that spins.
Because it spins so quickly, parents in the neighborhood are afraid it might hurt someone, so are petitioning to have it removed.


The park has an old straight slide and a newly installed spiral slide. Because the spiral slide is a later addition to the playground, it may not be as stable as if it had been part of the original design, but it remains popular for the thrill of sliding down from up high.

Spring PandaEdit

A piece of playground equipment that rocks when someone sits on it. The park has a panda and a bear, both popular designs among children. The animals' springs were made stronger than ordered, and several victims have been bucked off by an unexpectedly powerful jolt.


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