Stub "Offer your soul..."
Dow Menigell
Dow menigell ps4
Title Indomitable Captain
Japanese Name ダウ・メニーゲル
Romaji Dau Menīgeru
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Captain
Affiliation Menigell's Mercenaries
Status Deceased
Appearances Deception IV: Blood Ties
Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
Voice Actor Daisuke Matsubara

Dow (ダウ Dau?) is a male enemy in Deception IV: Blood Ties. A descendant of the Saints and has a piece of the Holy Verses. Laegrinna and the three Daemons lured him in with the rumor of a "witch" and a plentiful bounty in order to collect his piece of the Holy Verses.


Dow was once the captain of a renowned mercenary unit, until his passion for wine, women, and song led to them being defeated in a crucial battle. His unit's reputation is now in tatters, and Dow is not in a position to turn down any work, no matter how dirty it may be. The glory and idealism of his past is now but a distant memory as he seeks only to satisfy his desires from one day to the next.
Blood Ties description
Chapter 1: A Prologue to Judgement
Map: Prosslyn Castle
Wave 3
Intruder number 3 and final

Nightmare PrincessEdit

One of the descendants of the Twelve Saints who sealed the Devil away. Once a knight, the formality of the military didn't agree with him, so he formed his own mercenary team, with himself as the captain. His mercenaries gave him his nickname because he could take any hit and remain standing. He has an ugly face and a foul mouth, but his skill and compassion have won him the trust of his team nevertheless.
Nightmare Princess description
Q028: Revenge 3
Map: Prosslyn Castle
Wave 1
Intruder number 1


Stat Level
Health 100
Defense 3
Vigilance 1
Attack 1 50
Attack 2 40
Attack 3 0
Attack 4 0
Special abilities
In Nightmare Princess he gains the power of Healing.


Dow's judgment by Laegrinna: "Hapless degenerate... Judgment time has come for you. After that, nothing but ruin awaits..."
Intro: "I will give my all in the name of justice!"
Death: "Surely not... Surely this is not the end..."

Nightmare PrincessEdit

Intro: "So you are the witch of rumor. I will avenge my unit!"
Death: "So this is the end of Dow's mercenaries. Renée... I hope you, at least...will survive."


Deception IV: Blood Ties


Dow is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Dow is "dark-haired".[1]
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