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Japanese Name ジェラルド
Romaji Jerarudo
Occupation Knight
Status Dead or Alive
Appearances Kagero: Deception II
Quit army to Join Red Blood. Relied on by Capt. Keith.

Gerald (ジェラルド Jerarudo?) is an enemy from Kagero: Deception II. He is a warrior that quit the army and joined Red Blood. In Chapter 4, he and Rain enter the apparently abandoned Castle in the Forest to turn it into a battle site to ambush Timenoids.

When McLord is killed by Millennia, the two hear his scream and investigate. They ask Millennia why she killed McLord, the player having two answer choices: If Millennia says "To kill humans is my mission", they will attack her and be killed. If she says "There was no choice", Rain will apologize for McLord's acts and they leave Millennia's castle. If they are attacked while leaving, they will fight back and must be killed.

If they leave, they inform of McLord's death to Keith. Later, Matia tells Deadmoon that all the mercenaries that they lent to the Red Blood have been killed. It is unknown if Gerald and Rain were among them.


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Stat Level
HP 100
ATK/S 30
DEF 22
SPD 30


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