Kagero Hospital is one of the stages in Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess.

A large hospital that is equipped to handle emergency situations. With a waiting room connected to an operating room, the hospital features a variety of unique stage traps.

Stage TrapsEdit

Operating TableEdit

Designed to assist the surgeon, this table is equipped with arm and leg restraints.

Electric ShockEdit

The operating room's defibrillator.
There are plans to get it repaired soon, to prevent risk of electrocution.

Fish TankEdit

An aquarium installed in the waiting room.
The hospital staff is constantly warning patients not to touch the water if they don't want to get hurt by the tank's resident man-of-war.

Mobile ChairEdit

A chair kept in the waiting room to assist patients who have trouble walking.
Rumor has it that an invisible force pushes the chair, taking away anyone who sits in it.


A piece of medical equipment stored on the operating room shelf.
There have been reports of it firing itself at anyone who approaches the shelf, and some suspect a poltergeist.


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