Lanzent (ジャスティン?) is a male enemy in "Trapt". Spear Knight Class. Regional Lord.

Viscount Lanzent appears at the mansion and tells Allura that he'll try to plead her innocence to the Queen.

Can be fought if you chose second option. But would be leaving trough the entry hall of the Mansion as soon as it starts. You must use vacuum floor and quick charging traps and distract him and stop him from getting near the door.

Allura: (chilhood friend)
Aesman: (viscount's retainer)
Akusto: (viscount's retainer)


Chapter 2: Side Quest
Map: Mansion
Wave 1


Stat Level
Strength 105
Defense 7
Agility 81
Attack 1 36
Attack 2 17
Attack 3 10
Special abilities
defense against Pincer Devises
defense against Projectile
immune to Earthquake Attacks


Intro: "."
Death: "."

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