Lapria Park (ラプリアパーク Rapuriapāku?) is one of the stages in Deception IV: Blood Ties.


Haunted HouseEdit

A dark, dingy house of horrors designed as a test of courage for visitors. Partitions are set up to create a walkway and block visitors' view of what awaits them ahead. This can make it difficult to track your victims' movements, but it can also come in handy for avoiding projectile weapons.

Wonder PaddockEdit

With the Trinity Carousel as its centerpiece and main attraction, the Wonder Paddock was designed as an oasis of relaxing sights and sounds. Needless to say, it's gotten a lot less relaxing for human visitors since the servants of the Devil have taken over.

Fantasy GateEdit

The fun music, colorful lights, and roar of the Stormliner speeding by form an eerie contrast to the surrounding dismal darkness. Our servants of the Devil have transformed the dreamland beyond this gate into a hellish nightmare. Those who pass through now will never leave alive.

Flying GardensEdit

The back-and-forth of the Big Swing and the dips and turns of the Stormliner give this section the atmosphere of a lively dance, which feels eerie amidst the deathly still surroundings.


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