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Masks are special items given to the Prince of Zemekia by Astarte that are used to manipulate invaders by either luring or repelling them. Each mask can either lure or repel based on certain traits of the invaders (ex. a reluctant invader would likely run away from a Death Cry or Howl). These are often important for getting invaders into the range of your traps, but some of them will not be affected by any of the masks whatsoever and others would react the opposite of their intended effects.

Mask typesEdit

  • Help Cry - Lures caring or heroic invaders (same sound as that of killing a female invader).
  • NiceLaugh - Lures curious invaders (uses Astarte's laugh).
  • MeanLaugh - Lures vengeful invaders (Ardebaran's mask).
  • Death Cry - Repels cowardly invaders (has the same scream Shadow's double made when he was killed by Astarte for bringing a fake evil relic).
  • Howl - Repels passive invaders.
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