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Monsters are creatures that the Castle Master from Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness can summon with Block Orbs to assist him. They are created by sacrificing intruders that he captures in the Castle of the Damned after Chapter 6 "The Old Magician". Monsters gain experience when they attack invaders and can level up into more powerful variants, but the player will not gain experience from invaders killed by monsters.


"Will bite and chew a human's flesh." A slow and relatively weak monster that's usually created first and is best used for wearing down enemies. Levels up into Ghoul and Dead King1 Cleric, 1 Soldier, 1 Pirate
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"Shreds its prey with his fangs." Faster and more powerful than a Zombie. Levels up into Gaze Wolf and Herker1 Trap Pro, 1 Hunter, 2 Ninja
"Takes power with his magic tail." Mainly effective against armored units. Levels up into Queen Lami and Naga Queen.2 Psychic, 2 Witch, 1 Messenger
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"Tremendous strength despite slowness." Does slow but powerful attacks that do massive damage on magic units. Levels up into BigGolem 1 General, 2 Cavalier, 1 FateMaker, 2 Merchant
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"His magic lantern confuses victims." Will confuse a single target.1 Wizard, 1 Cleric, 1 Archer
"His putrid breath sickens victims." Much more effective than the Phantom since it confuses everyone in its range. 1 MagicDoll, 1 Pirate, 1 Ninja, 1 Carpenter
"Alters gravity to crush victims." Does high amounts of damage to units around him (Especially armored units). Levels up into MegaTron and DeathTron2 Digger, 1 Alien
Red Dragon
"Fire flows from mouth to destroy his prey." The most powerful monster in the game with the only drawback being a high block orb cost and a lot of space to summon it. Levels into ArcDragon3 FateMaker, 2 General, 2 Bomb Pro, 1 Sorceror
She Death
She death
"Fiana has returned as a zombie." A story line-exclusive monster that can instantly kill if not severely damage an enemy unit. Levels into SheDevil.Beat chapter 8 with Fiana dead and then accept Astarte's offer to bring her back to life.
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