This page is for the current Castle Master of the game. For the previous, see Ardebaran.
Prince of Zemekia
Japanese Name ゼメキア王子
Romaji Zemekia Ōji
Hair Color Brunet
Eye Color Red
Occupation Prince of Zemekia (Formerly)
Castle Master (During the game)
Status Alive (In 4 endings)
Dead (In 2 endings)
Appearances Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness (playable)

The Prince of Zemekia (ゼメキア王子 Zemekia Ōji?) is the protagonist from the first game in the Deception series, Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness. He has no official name, his name being chosen by the player at the beginning of the game. He is the first prince of the Zemekia kingdom and is engaged to Fiana, the princess of the Angelio kingdom.

His full title is the Crown Prince of Zemekia (ゼメキア王国王太子 Zemekia Ōkoku Ō Taishi?), and during the game's events, he earns the title of Castle Master (館の主人 Yakata no Shujin?).


Yesterday they all loved and admired me, but today they want my head. Why won't anyone believe me? I hate these fickle people. I loathe the vile fiend who framed me. I detest everything in this world... If only I had some kind of power... Good... Evil... I don't care! I need SOMETHING! ANYTHING!... Someone! Help me...

When the prince returned from a long journey to Angelio with Fiana, King Zemeris welcomed his son and said that it was time for the prince to succeed him. However, someone killed the king with the prince's sword and his brother Yurias framed him for their father's death. In the gallows, he sees the people that admired him now want his head and don't believe in his innocence. The prince grew vengeful, wishing he had any power to finish them and survive. Suddenly, a flash of light filled the sky, and a flash of lightning struck the prince on the day of his execution, apparently killing him. The people believe that it was divine judgment for his crime.

Later, he awakens in the Forest of Confusion and hears the voice of a woman calling him the "Son of Darkness." The voice tells him that she served the Lord of Darkness, and the power of the Demon brought him to the forest. If he wants the ability to destroy anyone, he must go to the Castle of the Damned to make a deal with the Devil and become the new head of the castle. After defeating Ardebaran, he obtains his ring and meets the mysterious woman, Astarte. The ring is a sign of a covenant only the inhabitants of the castle have. After capturing Idorigo, the prince becomes the master of the castle and gains dark powers, being able to set traps, create rooms, and warp throughout the castle. Astarte also gives him five unique masks. Later, he can use monsters.

To resurrect the Lord of Darkness, the Castle Master requires six Legendary Treasures of Darkness that he obtains during the game.


Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness


  • The Prince of Zemekia was the first — and so far, only — male protagonist of the entire series. He is also the first of few male trap users, the others being Albert and Taure.
  • He is also the only protagonist to be played from a first-person perspective. This being said, his actual appearance isn't known until revealed in one of many ending illustrations.
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