Lost both parents at a young age, so raised his younger sister Aina himself. Waited 3 years for his friend, Alan to propose to his sister before proposing to his own lover.
Japanese Name ラルフ
Romaji Rarufu
Hair Color Brunet
Eye Color Brown
Class Warrior
Group Allura Search Unit
Status Dead
Appearances Trapt

  Ralph (ラルフ Rarufu?) is a male enemy in Trapt. Warrior Class. Allura Search Unit.


Chapter 1: Unravelled (綻び?)
Map: Mansion
Wave 2
Intruder number 1 and final


Stat Level
Strength 80
Defense 0
Agility 90
Attack 1 17
Attack 2 25
Attack 3 0
Special abilities


Intro: "This is for Alan. Prepare to die!"
Death: "What should... I have... done...?"

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