The Ruins of Scardzyini (スカジーニ遺跡 Sukajīni iseki?) is one of the stages in Deception IV: Blood Ties.

Stub "Offer your soul..."


Icy Hell GateEdit

The stern and forbidding entrance that guards the Ruins. The eerily tranquil air, kept at subzero temperatures by a strange and unnatural magic, warns of the unearthly dangers ahead. Those who ignore this warning will soon come to rue their decision...

Stage TrapsEdit

Ice Dragon
  • A statue of a dragon that exhales an icy breath when the switch is hit.
  • Ice
    • Damage: 35
    • Ark: 2.0
    • Elaborate: 55
      1. of Uses: 0
Crushing Wall
  • A wall which mercilessly crushes any intruders.
  • Switch-activated
    • Damage: 85
    • Ark: 1.0
    • Sadistic: 80
      1. of Uses: 0
Icy Monolith (x2)
  • A mysterious object that uses the power of ice to repel intruders.
  • Ice / Push 2 squares forward
    Proximity Sensor
    • Damage: 15
    • Ark: 3.2
      1. of Uses: 0
    • Elaborate: 50
Healing Circle
  • Draws the natural healing power from the atmosphere and heals the wounds of those who touch it.
  • Recovery
    • Damage: 0
    • Ark: 0
    • Elaborate: 0
      1. of Uses: 3

Phantom StairwayEdit

Stage TrapsEdit

Eagle Rock
  • A large rock found in the ruins.
  • Piercing
    Cannot be Reused
    • Damage: 100
    • Ark: 3.0
    • Elaborate: 60
  • A mysterious whirlpool that instantly transports whomever is sucked inside.
  • Special Movement
    • Damage: 1
    • Ark: 3.5
    • Humiliating: 50
Fiery Monolith
  • A mysterious object that uses the power of flame to repel intruders.
  • Fire / Push 2 squares forward
    Proximity Sensor
    • Damage: 25
    • Ark: 3.0
    • Elaborate: 60
    • Fire
Teleportation Circle
  • A curious piece of flooring that launches whoever stands upon it into the air.
  • Push 1 square
    • Damage: 1
    • Ark: 3.0
    • Elaborate: 55

Chamber of FlamesEdit

Water Demon's Hunting GroundEdit

Altar of the SealingEdit

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