Stub "Offer your soul..."
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Hair Color Grey
Status Deceased
Appearances Deception III: Dark Delusion


Taure is a middle-aged man from Deception III: Dark Delusion. He is the master of the Factory in Alendar.

After Reina is rescued by Marco and Albert, the latter bring her to meet Taure. He informed her that no boats ever come or leave Alendar, and that returning her to Burganfada was inevitably impossible.

Hearing the sounds of a TRAP, Taure found Reina just after defeating two of her pursuers. Questioning why she was able to use TRAPs, not a moment later does Taure succumb to a dark influence over him, as a result of his past use of TRAPs.

Taure was given a proper burial with a large tombstone, grieved over by Marco, Albert, and Reina.


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