Fake EndingEdit

Although not considered an official ending, this route can be taken when Allura agrees to leave the kingdom. Striving for his general's dying wish, Jais raises his sword to her, willing to use brute force to make her stay and follow her duty as princess and heir to the throne. Ultimately, the knight loses his life, and the young woman resumed to flee.

Allura left Fronenberg, and thereafter the power of the Mark was never seen again. Catalina acceded to the empty throne, but soon after power was transferred to her new husband Hertzog. Order was restored, but a few years later disaster befell Fronenberg. The whole kingdom suddenly collapsed... Various opinions exist as to the cause, but the truth was lost in the sands of time. Now, all that remains are rumours that the devil was seen in the castle as it burned... ... In a distant land, Allura wonders: "Is this really what I was hoping for?"

Ending AEdit

Allura fights Rachel; kills her as the final sacrifice; becomes the host for the fiend; leaves the mansion and kills Mayte

Ending BEdit

Allura doesn't fight Rachel; Debris kills Rachel, making her the sacrifice; Malphas defeats Allura, possessing her body

Ending CEdit

Spirits of the twelve sages slash Malphas with swords of light, making him mortal; Allura defeats Malphas; Jais and Allura return to the castle with the latter as Queen; Jais realizes they're the only ones left, along with a Legionnaire