Stub "Offer your soul..."
Japanese Name ヴァグルーモ
Romaji Vagurūmo
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Class Fire Mage
Group Bounty Hunter
Status Dead
Appearances Trapt


Reticent and expressionless. Never speaks more than necessary. Comrades joke that if you see his smile your wish will be granted.

Vaglumo (ヴァグルーモ Vagurūmo?) is a male enemy in Trapt. Fire Mage Class. Bounty Hunter.


Chapter 3: The Sinful (罪深き者達?)
Map: Mansion
Wave 2
Intruder number 3


Stat Level
Strength 105
Defense 3
Agility 70
Attack 1 21
Attack 2</font 32
Attack 3 64
Special abilities
Oil Effects


Intro: "..."
Death: "I... lose..."

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