Stub "Offer your soul..."
Japanese Name ベロニカ
Romaji Beronika
Class Archer
Group Black Knights
Status Deceased
Appearances Trapt


A nice woman who cares for her comrades. Cannot forget Bart, who used to court her but lost his life protecting her, so she lives a solitary life.

Veronica (ベロニカ Beronika?) is a female enemy in Trapt.


Chapter 4: The Shackles of Fate (宿命の枷 Shukumei no Kase?)
Map: Mansion
Wave 1
Intruder number 1


Stat Level
Strength 75
Defense 5
Agility 81
Attack 1 19
Attack 2 58
Attack 3 34
Special abilities


Intro: "I won't let you hurt anyone else."
Death: "Bart... I'll be with you... Soon..."

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