Japanese Name ユリアス
Romaji Yuriasu
Hair Color Brunet
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Former 2nd Prince
King of Zemekia
Status Deceased
Appearances Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness
Your brother. He became king after the coup.
Your brother, a pupil of Zamur, has seized royal control.

Yurias (ユリアス Yuriasu?) is the main character's younger brother. Wanting the throne for himself, he killed the king, their father, and framed his brother for the murder, sentencing him to death. Due to this, he seized the throne and the previous heir's fiancée.


First EncounterEdit

Chapter 12: Ghost
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First/Second Encounter
  • Take note that although they're impostors, their real names are never given, so their stats will appear on their proper pages.
Name Yurias
Class King
LV 41
HP 70
Speed 35
Power 40
Item drop
Trait Magic
6 Agil 7
5 Def. 5
6 Evade% 7
6 Wisdom 3


Encounter: "... brother! I had no idea you were so vindictive! I always took you for just a coward. Heh, heh, heh.... Want to fight with a sword like a man? Or, are you going to use one of those sissy traps?!..."
Last Words: "Prince... please forgive me!... i was just following the king's orders... please... I don't wanna die! For Zemekia! Banzai!"

Musical ThemeEdit

Yurias' theme is "Yurias, Hesitation". It is the 24th track on the game's soundtrack.


Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness


His name is possibly a variant of Uriah, meaning "my light is Jehovah" in Hebrew. [1]
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