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Zemekia (ゼメキア?) is a kingdom in Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness ruled by King Zemeris.

When his son, the Prince of Zemekia, returns from a long journey from the Angelio kingdom alongside Fiana, the king decides that it is time to pass his title to his son. However, the king is suddenly killed by the prince's sword, which mysteriously appeared from nowhere and stabbed him. The prince's brother, Yurias, accuses him of killing their father, and he is sentenced to death. The prince disappears on the day of his execution. With Zemeris dead and the prince's disappearance, Yurias becomes the new king of Zemekia.

Known ZemekiansEdit


Major Characters
Prince of ZemekiaAstarteYuriasZamurArdebaranFianaIdorigo
Minor Characters
AlkenyChitaCoolbouEinaudiEriousKing ZemerisLeader of GoodnessLord of DarknessMathildaShellingStaleon
Legendary BravesLegendary Treasures of DarknessMasksMonsterTrap
Castle of the Damned

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